Vinton Construction

STH 42 (Lincoln Ave), Two Rivers, Wisconsin

City of Two Rivers and Wisconsin Department of Transportation / Two Rivers, Wisconsin,%20Two%20Rivers/_projectHero/1-Final-Product.jpg

Date Completed:

October 2017


Concrete Pavement, Earthwork & Grading, Underground Utilities

Construction Engineer:

McMahon, Inc.

Award Won:

2018 / 29th Annual ACPA Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards

Project Summary:

The reconstruction of STH 42 (Lincoln Ave) in the City of Two Rivers included a complete replacement of all facets of the transportation system.

Contract Amount:


Project Length:

0.9 miles

By the Numbers:

  • 22,700 SY of 8-inch Concrete Pavement
  • 16,400 SY of Removing Concrete Pavement
  • 22,072 CY of Excavation
  • 20,240 Tons of Base Aggregate
  • 46,890 SF of Concrete Sidewalk
  • 6,800 LF of Storm Sewer
  • 3,350 LF of Sanitary Laterals
  • 5,930 LF of Watermain
  • 2,688 LF of Water Services
  • 235 Sewer Structures

About the Project

The first set of operations included replacement of all sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main facilities, including lateral and service facilities.

Private sewer laterals and water services that were found to be defective were replaced from the right-of-way into residential and commercial buildings during construction. Bike paths and alternating side parking presented challenges throughout the entire project. New sidewalks were constructed throughout the project to enhance the connectivity of the corridor. An off-road multi-use trail was constructed on the north end, with ultimate plans to extend the trail toward Two Rivers High School. Aesthetic enhancements included LED street lighting, colored concrete crosswalks, and more than 100 trees planted within the right of way.

Wisconsin DOT officials were quoted in the state award presentation, saying, "Vinton performed exceptionally all the way, from prior to the project beginning through the end of the project.”

Communication up front with a schedule in place gave residents and business owners an understanding of what to expect. Increased efforts leading up to concrete paving allowed Vinton to start pouring concrete nearly a month ahead of schedule. Once the paving operations started, Vinton planned their operations strategically, maximizing the time available to complete other tasks. By focusing on the south end of the project, Vinton was able to get a head start on fully completing the south half while utility work continued on the north end. Utilizing zero-clearance pavers and belt placers allowed all mainline concrete to be placed without sacrificing any pedestrian accommodations that would have otherwise created complications. Forward thinking was also evident in the decision to delay the pouring of the colored concrete on the project. Waiting until virtually all other work was complete allowed subcontractors to start their work sooner and have greater access to the work site. The quality of the colored concrete was also enhanced in that it was more uniform, and the timing prevented any unsightly marks on the new surface from other operations.

Foresight and communication were keys to resolving issues, often well before they became big problems. With vast experience in urban construction, Vinton was well suited to handle all that was presented, resulting in outstanding performance and construction. The result was a project that Vinton Construction Company, Wisconsin DOT, McMahon Group, and the City of Two Rivers will be proud of for decades to come.

Noteworthy Project Details

  • The early start of concrete paving allowed many of the subcontractors to start their operations in a timely manner as well. For instance, with mainline paving starting nearly a month ahead of schedule allowing conduit to be installed early, followed by concrete sidewalks and driveways, and ultimately restoration. With the concrete paving starting early, and allowing other contractors in to complete their work ahead of schedule, the project was able to be completed nearly two weeks ahead of schedule.
  • A Gomaco 2400 zero clearance paver was used to pave the bike lanes, parking lanes, and turn lanes. The use of this paver allowed Vinton to complete the concrete pavement without impacting the pedestrian access.
  • Vinton, working together with the project staff and Department of Transportation, agreed to eliminate the select crushed material from the pavement section north of 27th St. After investigation revealed significantly better subgrade soils, consisting of well-draining sandy material, it was determined that the prudent decision would be to modify the plan to take advantage of the high quality of the native soils. This change resulted in significant savings amounting to nearly $200,000.